This is Us

-- Founded 2016 in NYC --

"Nothing goes better with a bare face than a pair of lashes" 


I have probably bought and worn 200+ lashes in the past 6 years, which I think is a lot (A LOT) more than the average make-up wearer. I find that many people are confused or feel like they don't have time to learn the methods of handling and putting on lashes. I get questions everyday about which brands I use, the glue, how to apply them, their comfortability behind glasses, etc. I think these questions stem from the under-representation of glasses wearers in the make-up community and the lack of focus on quality lash information.

To me, glasses serve as a personal statement. You may be slightly blind BUT you chose your frames and they will be on point. Glasses are sexy and should be used as a tool to boost your confidence and bring more focus to your eyes.

Being a glasses wearer myself and not being able to find a lash brand that is specifically designed to fit behind most glasses frames, is really disheartening. I would find one from this brand and one from another and another but never the same brand. Why, oh why must we have to search so?

✨ Then I had a thought: Why not design my own? And the journey began. ✨

After months of working with top-quality suppliers to test and design the perfect lashes, Vamped Beauty had been born. Lashes that are comfortable long lasting, and wearable for any eye shape. Lashes that are made for glasses wearers but can be worn by anyone.

I've brought together 2 of the things that I know make me feel sexy and confident everyday:

1. A focus on lush lashes for glasses wearers

2. Edgy, but wearable lingerie


Alright now go pop on some lashes, wear glasses, and be sexy! If you're interested in becoming a brand ambassador and join the Vamped Fam, shoot me a DM at @vamped_beauty!

Embrace sexy,