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Glue, glue, glue, glue, glue.....GLUE!

This is, by far, the most important part of wearing lashes. Be it a $1.00 or $40.00 pair of lashes, if you try to apply them with a shitty glue, you're literally saying, "Yes, I want to be uncomfortable and ruin my makeup. That sounds great!"

We're talking watery eyes, smudged liner, mascara, irritation, and the dreaded lifting from the watery eyes and mascara and liner and....sigh. Yeah, it all comes full circle.

Just do yourself a favor and buy a good glue. PLEASE, I know that $2 dollar random, no brand glue promises all day wear and waterproof abilities but.....chances are no, no it doesn't. I've given so many different glues a chance but time and time again, I'm tearing up, ruining my makeup, and looking absolutely crazy.

There are only 2 glues that I stick to because they've never EVER let me down. The holy grails. The OG glues.


Kiss iEnvy Super Strong Hold Eyelash Adhesive (Latex-free)

Duo Dark Brush On Eyelash Adhesive


Exciting, right? These are affordable and high quality, come in clear and black, and adhere all day long without any mishaps. I literally wear lashes everyday of my life and swear by these glues to stick those beauties on my eyes during the day into the night (PARTY ANIMAL STATUS...kidding!). But no, seriously. All day and night.

I insist on keeping at least two in my possession at all times- one for home and one for my bag when I go to work/wander around.

All in all, get a good glue and let that shit get tacky on your lashes for 30 seconds or so and you're golden.


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