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Hello beautiful people!

If you guys haven't yet gathered, I wear glasses. I spent 4 years wearing contact lenses thinking that I "looked better" without glasses and would never go back to that life.

Poor decision making 101: I wore the contacts from 8am to 12am everyday and sometimes slept with them in GASP! Moral of the story is, I ended up getting something called "vascularization".

INSERT MERRIAM-WEBSTER DEFINITION: noun: abnormal or excessive formation of blood vessels (as in the retina or on the cornea). This meant that my eyes weren't getting enough oxygen so my blood vessels needed to creep into my retina to help it breath....Which, naturally, wasn't fun. Lights were always too bright, my eyes would water all the time, and they would be SO dry every night. 

Anyway, to help my eyes heal, I have been wearing glasses again since January 2016 and I actually love it. Tom Ford got my back with these frames :)

However, wearing glasses AND lashes did pose to be a bit of a hassle. The regular lashes I always wore kept hitting my glasses! If this happens to you now, then you know how incredibly uncomfortable this is. Peep at a few of my top grievances on the topic:  

  • You have to wear your glasses a little lower on your nose, but it never stays there because you have foundation on your noses and it slips everywhere.
  • Mascara gets stuck on your lenses.
  • The lashes are too long and gets caught on the upper edge of your frames, which is probably the most irritating. 
  • To combat all this, you try to curl your lashes as much as possible...Great, now they look weird on the ends and bend all crazy. #pointless

All of this, and being hopelessly addicted to wearing lashes, inspired me to create my own line of false lashes that can be comfortably worn behind many different frames. 

"How is this possible?" you may be wondering. Well, there's a certain magic that goes into the execution of applying such supernaturally advanced lash strips.


In real life, it all starts with the natural curl of the lashes and then the way you apply the lashes. After looking through thousands of different lash designs and trying on dozens of those (no joke), I finally customized a few designs of my own that I felt were universally wearable. My mink lashes are curlier than most and have the flexibility to be glued on at a more "obtuse" angle without discomfort or lifting.

Let me know what you guys think and show me how you wear your lashes & glasses with confidence! I'll be updating this post as time goes on and featuring the beauties that submit their lashes & glasses pictures to wonder@vampedbeauty.com.


Embrace sexy,



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